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Exterior work

Complex permits, city hall permits, and much more..

Pictures of indoor works since 2003.
Basement development, restaurant setup, office, department store, money mart, etc..

Deck & Fance


CI Exterior

CI Exterior

Extension of the sunroom
Workout basement

I erroneously built the workout again.
Construction. And I got permission.

CI Exterior
Motel renovation

Motel Renovation


CI Exterior

Extension projector

2004 2nd floor extension projector

A handmade unlicensed sunroom,
We rebuilt and got permission. 

-Works in 2016

When we start construction, we will provide visual inspection service with 24 years of experience.​

  시공사에서 공사를 시작하면 24년 현장 경험,경력으로(OAHI)으로 인셔팩션 서비스와 관련 상담을 해드립니다

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